Andrey Deltsov

Andrey Deltsov

Chief producer, Inspirer

dELIS PRO founder and owner.
City of birth: Berlin, Germany. Spend his youth in USSR (Russia afterwards). In maturity became fond of motorsports and moved to Italy.


Movies: “Adrenalin of Morocco” (2011, director), “Dakar Madness” (2012, director), “Silk Deadlock” (2012, director, writer), “P Crew Diary” (2014, director).
On-air programs: “Karting” (2006-2008, author, 7TV channel), “High-Speed Section” (2004-2009. Director, correspondent, “Sport” and “Russia 2” TV channels).


YouTube channels: Andrey DeltsovdELIS PRO
Vimeo channel: dELIS PRO creative video


Speaks languages: Russian, English, Italian.
Hobbies: Skiing, music, karting.

Favorite author: George Orwell.
Favorite media heroes: James Bond, Ostap Bender.
Favorite musics: Chilly Gonzales, Jon Lord, Cymande.


Motto: “Life is a show”.