Slavina Silk Way

Silk Way 2017: awards for the winners

Main photo – ↑ Here comes Despres again))) Second time in a row – Silk Way Rally winner. It was known yesterday after the final stage had been cancelled because of heavy rain. Podium for Peugeot in Xian! Everybody on finish except for Loeb! July 22. Xian. Dmitry Sotnikov and KAMAZ 303 crew. Winners of […]

Silk Way Rally: Tears of victory

Headline photo – ↑ Eugenio Amos crying after winning a stage for the first time in his life. Viva Italia!!! Eugenio Amos crying after winning a stage for the first time in his life. #vivaitalia #silkway2017 #silkwayrally #win #italy #italia Публикация от d’ELIS PRO (@delisproduction) Июл 19 2017 в 3:36 PDT Tatra. Kolomy finished on […]

Silk Way 2017: Welcome to China

Daily (and nightly) photo reportage by Evgenia Slavina. Chinese fans and communications group. Alex Grishin – author and special correspondent at Auto 24 TV channel; Luc Alphand – race’s sporting consultant, Dakar 2006 winner, motoracer, mountain ski world champion and TV commentator; Zhenya Slavina – the director of rally TV-center. New Chinese menu, lotus root. […]

Silk Way 2017: China ahead

Evgenia Slavina with a traditional photo reportage from Silk Way 2017 marathon. Kazakhstan prairies, 545 kilometers to the closest camp. Last stage in Kazakhstan. It is raining and the weather is far from hot. The race through Russia and Kazakhstan has broken quite an amount of the rally crews. We waited for Masha Oparina at […]
SW 17

Silk Way 2017: daily report #3

Evgenia Slavina continues her journey together with “Silk Way” 2017 rally-raid. Monsieur Dakar at the 3rd leg start. Masha has a talisman))) Masha is the queen of Dragons. Third leg start. Chelyabinsk region, Kudravy village. Arthur Ardavichus’s mechanic is happy with the weather. Kids and Rally. Folklorique ensemble from Kudravy. TV crew since 2004. Kudravy, […]
SW 17

Silk Way 2017: start your engines!

The show starts… with technical check! Evgenia Slavina leads the reportage at Silk Way 2017 rally raid. Peugeot Team. Stephane Peterhansel, monsieur Dakar, Cyril Despres, moto racers in past, Sebastien Loeb, the rally legend, Luc Alphand will check the racing course before each day’s start. KamAZ and kids. Andrey Mokeev and Ayrat Belyaev – legendary […]
Silk Way 2017

Silk Way 2017: before the start

Silk Way 2017 rally raid preparation is under way in Moscow’s Olympic complex “Luzhniki”. This year the competitors must handle 9599 km at the tracks of Russia, Kazakhstan and China. Evgenia Slavina at work. Gerard De Rooy – Silk Way 2011 winner – likes Russian ice-cream. The technics are being checked before the start. Trucks. […]

«Silk Way» — route presentation

Moscow, May 17th. Silk Way 2017 — it’s a marathon of 9 608 kilometers, 14 legs, 17 special stages. Mini and Peugeot rivalry will be confronted by Toyota Hilux of one of one of the fastest drivers of the planet — Quatarian Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota Overdrive). “I have much respect for Peugeot but I’m not afraid of […]

Silk Way 2016

Everybody looked forward to the new Silk Way 16 marathon with special impatience. Terra-incognita China and one of the most difficult and long routes for rally raid – almost 11000 km in 17 days! At first me and my cameraman Dima, as experiences Silk-passers, went through the race as organizer’s media and the result of […]